Our Charter-2

Article 9 : Work Performance Should staff of RBnano SàRL require access to the client's facilities, an agreement on the respective conditions and responsibilities shall be made.

Article 10: Industrial property Billing the tests in no way constitutes a commitment by the company RBnano granting of an exclusive or duty on formulations developed during these tests. The intellectual property of each party before their work remain acquired. IP created by each of the parties in their work remain acquired and exclusivity will be a negotiation. A Priority will be given to the customer.

Article 11 : Invoicing The invoice is issued after the work is completed and the report is sent out. The invoice is subject to VAT, and is payable within 30 days from the invoice date. Payment may be made by check, bank transfer or any other regular modes of payment. Any delay in payment will incur an interest of 1.5 times the current bank rate.  

Article 12 : Storage of samples and reports Samples will be stored for a month after the report is sent out. They may be returned at the client's request, who will then bear all postal charges. RBnano SàRL reserves the right to either store unclaimed samples or dispose of them in the appropriate manner. Reports are kept for 5 years; thereafter, they may be destroyed through shredding, burning or garbage disposal.  
Article 13 : Attribution of jurisdiction The Commercial Court of Strasbourg has jurisdiction over all litigation cases, including requests for guarantee, cases of multiple defendants and summary proceedings. The property rights we have gained and the amount of study is an advance fee.